Personal Lines Insurance

Your challenges

Personal lines insurance has felt the greatest impact from digital technology over the past decade, and the journey has only started. On one hand, insurance carriers face increasing customer demands for fast, highly convenient, tailored, multi-channel services. On the other hand, product development cycles are long, margins are decreasing, adding pressure for automated fast-flow processes and a dynamic understanding of risk.

Based on our work with leading insurance carriers, we see the following key challenges which need to be addressed:

  • Grow the direct virtual channel offerings for simple modular products. For example starting with motor policies, then growing to small commercial and simple term life
  • Leverage data and technology to underwrite an increasing share of risks automatically
  • Develop a culture of A/B testing, rapid development iterations, and a desire to collaborate internally and externally
  • Set-up an agile, incentivized and customer-centric organization with a holistic data foundation

How we help

  • Digital Transformation
  • Operating Model Improvement
  • Machine Learning
  • Data Excellence
The digital revolution is not about technology – it is about a differentiating customer engagement and innovative products and services. Our industry know-how, proven digitalization approach and relentless execution makes you meet the future with confidence.
Digital product & capability building We offer an effective and fail-fast approach to test new opportunities and build a pipeline of incubation business cases. Our proven methodology drives opportunity testing from initial scoping to prototyping and live products.
Outside-in on digital opportunities We offer outside-in expertise on digital trends and competitor moves. Our insights are brought to live in the context of your business model, which helps you set the right priorities and decide when it is time to take action. 
Digital strategy and roadmap We shape your digital vision and build your transformation business case and roadmap. Our focus lies improving your customer focus and improving operational excellence. We also help you explore disruptive new products and services to increase your market differentiation. 
Transformation delivery Our industry knowledge gives us a clear view on the challenges faced by our customers. We help to set the right strategic priorities and drive change from targeted improvements to large scale transformation. 
The change from a product focused to a customer centric organization is a major shift across the industry. Organizations need to become more agile in responding to evolving customer needs and business priorities. We help our clients rethink the way they deliver value to their customers and become more effective.
Customer centricity Often, employees are not aware how their work supports the customer journey. We assess how your team delivers value to customers for key touchpoints and moments of truth. And we help you ensure a relentless customer focus across your organization.
Process and organizational simplification

We break down silos, set the right incentives, reduce complexity, and build lean processes to deliver customer value.

Workforce transformation

We help our customers shift from to define effective operating models to reduce costs and to improve the experience of both clients and employees.

A siloed and technically focused workforce needs to transition to an interconnected, collaborative and customer– centric operating model.

AI enabled automation

Augmenting the workforce through intelligent automation and data-driven insights are key levers to improve the customer experience and improving the operational effectiveness. 

We have developed our own solutions to help you drive automation and data-driven insights along your value chain. 

Machine Learning is a very potent approach to solving tough problems covering areas such as smart automation and predictive complex forecasting. We offer consultancy service to help you build machine learning capabilities. Additionally, our suite of machine learning products helps you to accelerate your adoption journey.


We shape your Machine Learning vision and identify opportunities along your value chain as input for your transformation roadmap. Our focus lies on improving your customer focus and operational excellence. Additionally, we help you explore disruptive new products and services.

Solution implementation We support you in delivering your transformation roadmap, managing your stakeholders and suppliers and ensuring successful go-to-market. We either leverage our own solutions or help you build your own capability stack.
Opportunity testing We offer an effective and fail-fast approach to test new opportunities and build a pipeline of machine learning business cases from initial scoping to prototyping and live products.
Our product suite

Our product line includes cutting-edge data analytics and machine learning solutions to help our customers automate unstructured data extraction and take the right decisions.

Data is the lifeblood of any organization. Despite the high importance of data nowadays, many companies still struggle to organize their data and the processes around it. This is mainly due to organizational silos, legacy systems and the sheer overwhelming amount of data coupled with often poor quality. We help companies to tidy up their data management in order to enable a data-driven organization that is ready for future challenges.
Data Strategy It all starts with articulating a clear vision of data management and a defined path on how to get there. Without a strategy, data initiatives are often purely IT-driven projects that do not get the necessary business buy-in. We help to define strategy that fits your organization.
Governance & Data Quality Data quality suffers significantly without a clear governance. We support organizations to define governance, data structures incl. data lineage specifications and processes around how to manage all sorts of data.
Data Driven Enterprise The data-driven enterprise is the ultimate objective of a company to take decisions based on data. That means that the basis is set and next steps have to be taken to enable advanced analytics scenarios or process automation using state of the art technologies.
Data Infrastructure Technology is an important enabler for data driven companies and those who strive to become one. With our expertise we are able to advise on latest technologies such as streaming or graph technologies.